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Manufacturing delays are currently 1 to 2 weeks.

E.U countries & DOMTOM : shipping is free from 100€ order.
France : free shipping from 50€ order.

Thank you so much for your patience and your support!

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For a custom order there are three levels of customization:

# 1 

You choose one of the existing models in the catalog and we simply modify one option : size or fabric (among those present in the catalog)


# 2 

You choose a model from the catalog and you will be free to choose several options (among those present in the catalog):

- Size
- Elastic tightening or with cord+cord stopper.
- Hat shape: Straight shape (example WAFFLE) or 6 panels shape, more rounded (example MESH or EASE UP)
- with or without peak
- with or without satin lining, or even reversible.
- You can also provide your own fabric or select a "WAX" fabric that I will offer you to choose.


# 3

You send me your ideas and if it is feasible, we will start from a sketch.




  • The prices offered are proportional to the level of customization, namely:

Level # 1: + 10% to + 20% compared to the reference model
Level # 2: + 20% to + 50% compared to the reference model
Level # 3: price studied on a case-by-case basis (depending on the project)

The prices proposed above are purely indicative.
All customization requests will be studied on a case-by-case basis and the price adjusted according to the complexity of the project.
Only the quote which will be sent to you will have a contractual aim.



  • The seller reserves the right to refuse a custom order if:

- it seems too complex to set up, or if
- we have a too important flux of "regular orders".


For some obvious reasons, personalized orders are neither exchangeable nor refundable.
Thank you for your understanding.


As soon as I have enough elements to constitute your order, I will send you a quote, and if it suits you, you will receive a link to finalize your order.

I am at your disposal for any questions regarding custom orders.

Feel free to contact me !





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