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Hat A Faya is a self-owned business.

Since 2012, everything is designed and handmade by myself, Sista Clara.
I also answer your messages, prepare and ship your orders and many other tasks a little business require ...

Hat A Faya was first a survival thing. By force of circumstances and with your encouragements, it has became my main activity.

I do give thanks to the Allmighty for giving me strength, health, and two blessed hands.

Also I feel very grateful for your patience and the trust your grant me. You are part of the story.

Finally Hat A Faya's vision or creed would be "Lift up your head" , literally and figuratively.




"HAT A FAYA" is a pun on an expression in Jamaican patois "hatta faya", which is a contraction of the English "hotter fire".

This expression can have several meanings: it can be used to condemn, to denounce; but it can also be used as the validating expression of a positive thing, of a joy, of a truth.

Fire refers to light, to the spiritual, and also to what animates us deep inside us, what makes us "alive".

Whatever the meaning of its use, Hatafaya expresses with intensity.



Hat A Faya hats are mainly aimed at people with dreadlocks, rastas, but also with afro hair, natural.

Hat A Faya's mission is to offer you headgear that gives you back your look, and a style that's more dressy than a simple woolen tam.
For this I use various fabrics such as tweed, denim, velvet...and satin linings. There are also 5 sizes (height) for an ideal fit.

In order to limit unnecessary stocks, to respond to real-time demand and to honor a commitment to quality, the hats are handmade and made to order.


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