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Commande perso Matthieu C


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Guide des tailles
Guide des tailles

   Sizing Chart  

Follow the size chart to find the perfect fit.

HAT A FAYA hats are specially made to fit your hair volume (Crown size)
The headband is ne size fits all.

  • CROWN SIZE: range from S to XXL (13cm to 23cm)
  • HEADBAND SIZE : One size fits all elastic

The crown size :

The crown size range from S to XXL.
This size is important if you want your hat to be fitted to your volume of hair.
A well ajusted hat will allow you keeping your hair up for a long part of the day.

Some advices:

  • Compare the lengh of your dreadlocks to the sizing chart.
  • You can also make a loose bun with your dreadlocks to estimate the depth of the crown you need.
  • The sizes are given for a medium thickness of hair. Don't forget to take note of your own hair thickness (wich can sometimes.

    Crown Size


The headband size :

The headband is a one-size-fits-all elastic and is conceived to fit all sizes (The total elasticity is 54-66cm)
However if you would like to check your head measurements, here is a few tips:

How to check out your headband size :

  • To figure out your headband size, place a measuring tape around your head, directly where the sweatband of your hat will rest. Match the measurements to the chart below.
  • If you don't have a measuring tape, you can use a string and report its lenght to a flat ruler.
  • If your head measurement is out of the "Comfort Size", we would advice you to contact us for a custom order.

headband size


Date d'expédition estimée : 04/11/2023

Casquette Personnalisée:

  • Couleur principale : Noir + Rouge, jaune, vert
  • Matière extérieure: toile 60%polyester/40% coton
  • Matière intérieure: Doublure Satin (100% polyester)


  • Visière standard Doublée d'épaisseur
  • Fermeture arrière avec Cordon/Oeillet/Stop cordon
  • Broderie "Lion de Judah" 4 couleurs (Or, Rouge, Jaune, Vert) placé sur le devant
  • Broderie "Lion de Judah" 4 couleurs (Or, Rouge, Jaune, Vert) placé sur le haut
  • Ajout de trois bandes de couleur sur la base du chapeau
  • Ajout de trois bandes circulaires sur le haut du chapeau

Taille :

S (13 cm de haut)

Tour de tête max:


             IN STOCK             72h max

    MADE TO ORDER     currently 1 to 2 weeks

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