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Follow the size chart to find the perfect fit.

HAT A FAYA hats are made to fit your head measurements (headband) and your hair volume (Crown size)

  • The headband : One size fits all elastic (54-66cm / 21.25" to 26")

The crown size :

The crown size range from S to XXL.

This size is important if you want your hat to be fitted to your volume of hair.

A well ajusted hat will allow you keeping your hair up for a long part of the day.

Some advices:

  • Compare the length of your dreadlocks to the sizing chart.

  • You can also make a loose bun with your dreadlocks to estimate the depth of the crown you need, or even compare with another hat you already have.
  • Sizes are given for average hair thickness: between 50 and 60 dreadlocks that are less than 1cm in diameter (0,40").
    If you have rather thick, or very numerous, or even freeform dreadlocks, take the size above.
    If, on the contrary, they are thin and few in number, aim for the size below.

Crown Size

The headband :

The headband is a one-size-fits-all elastic and is conceived to fit comfortably head measurements between 54cm & 64 cm (21.25" & 25.2"). The total elasticity is 54-66cm / 21.25"-26" but we leave a 2cm comfort margin .

How to
check out your headband size :

  • To figure out your headband size, place a measuring tape around your head, directly where the sweatband of your hat will rest. Match the measurements to the chart below.

  • If you don't have a measuring tape, you can use a string and report its lenght to a flat ruler

  • If your head measurement is out of the "Comfort Size", we would advice you to contact us for a custom order.

headband size



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